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Cassette Transcription

The Philips desktop transcription system is a document creation solution specifically designed to make transcription easy and intuitive. With the ergonomic foot pedal for hands-free playback control and the professional transcription headphones, the desktop transcription system takes transcription to a new level.

Mini-cassette Transcription:

Philips 730T Mini-cassette Transcriber w/ FP and HS

Grundig professional 3110 microcassette transcriber. The Grundig 3110 is an ideal replacement for the Sony BM850, M2000 or any other microcassette transcriber. Includes headset and foot control.

Microcassette Transcription:

Grundig 3110T Microcassette Transcription Desktop Unit w/ FP and HS

Refurbished Units

  • Refurbished Lanier microcassette portable and desktop units

  • Refurbished Lanier standard cassette portable and desktop units

  • Refurbished Sony portable and desktop cassette units

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