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The latest version of the Voice Solutions server, Phoenix is a digital solution for recording, managing, and transcribing dictation. It acts as your dictation hub and can run on a dedicated or virtual server. Phoenix brings all of the features you have come to expect from a digital solution but with a very streamlined and user-friendly approach. End-users and admins alike will find it easy to learn while providing a highly customized and versatile experience. In addition, your data is always secure with encryption, profile permissions, and backup options. Phoenix has remote dictation, transcription, and management abilities through the secure HTTPS protocol. Telephony features can also be added.

Phoenix Digital Dictation System

Phoenix is perfect for small to medium environments that require an affordable yet powerful solution with minimal user training. Many are already enjoying the benefits of Phoenix in applications like: Hospitals, Law Firms, Government Agencies, Medical Offices, Transcription Companies iNet 3 is a software transcription solution that works with the Voice Solution Phoenix dictation system.


Key Features of the Phoenix:

  • Dictate Your Way - Options include iPhones, touchtone telephones, dictate

  • stations, computers and more

  • Transcribe Anywhere - Any computer with internet access or a telephone

  • transcribe station allows for easy transcription

  • The Power of the Web - From the web interface, easily import or manage

  • audio files and install client software

  • Meet Your Security Requirements - Meet HIPPA, government, or company

  • policies with a full audi trail, encrypted data, and user-defined security

  • access restrictions

  • Powerful Management Tools - Easily route and manage your workflow in

  • real time, quickly edit groups of dictations, and create custom reports on

  • demand

  • User-Friendly - Intuitive administrative interface is easy to navigate and

  • requires minimal training

  • Quality End-User Software - Keep end-users happy with the versatile and

  • user-friendly PcDictate 2 (dictation) and iNet 3 (transcription)

  • Robust and Dependable - SQL database provides performance and Apache

  • web server ensures reliability

Fusion Voice delivers a solution for every size organization. Smaller workgroups can utilize the comprehensive feature set of Fusion Voice® with a more affordable platform called Atom Dictation™. Larger organizations, even multi-site and geographically diverse workforces, can use the enterprise-class capabilities of the Fusion Voice platform. Each of these solutions offers the same dictation input options, transcription features, rich reporting, customized security and flexible deployment licensing.


Workgroup Atom Dictation is designed for users with 16 or fewer simultaneous transcriptionists and less than 500 total users. It is the perfect solution for small organizations.


Enterprise Fusion Voice provides world-class dictation features for larger organizations. Proven in the marketplace to meet the demanding needs of the most recognizable corporate names that use dictation, Fusion Voice is a solution you can confidently deploy for enterprise-wide applications.


Fusion Voice is enterprise dictation management. From the largest hospitals and medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs) to clinics and physician offices, more depend on Fusion to run their daily business of dictation than any other system.

Fusion Voice Digital Dictation

Use any telephone to dictate to Fusion while the telephone keypad controls the recorder. There is no need to retrain your authors, Fusion will adapt on an individual basis to the keypad commands they already know. Fusion supports both standard telephone connections or takes full advantage of a VoIP telephone environment for bigger savings and greater flexibility.

Telephone Dictation:

Many physicians dictate at or near a PC, Fusion Dictation provides the tools to dictate with installed software and optional microphones. Fast, easy and secure, Fusion Dictation offers support of nearly any standard computer microphone or special dictation microphone. Integrate with your Radiology PACs or clinical EMR systems for time-savings and accuracy.

PC-Based Dictation:

Fusion supports nearly all digital portable dictation devices from portable dictation recorders to smartphones. Dictation on-the-go is a necessity for many care providers and Fusion can meet this need with an option that allows for the entry of patient identifiers at the point of dictation or the unique and exclusive interface to your patient schedule.

Mobile Dictation Solutions:

Fusion Player is the most widely used medical transcription playback option in the market today. Turn any PC workstation into a playback machine with a USB headset and foot pedal. Access assigned jobs, play back audio, mark complete, schedule for QA and edit incorrect demographics.

PC-Based Transcription:

If a PC is not an option, Fusion Voice still supports transcription playback from new dedicated transcription stations that provide the headset and foot pedal over a phone line. Fusion Voice even supports legacy transcription stations from Dolbey or other manufacturers to lower entry costs.

Station-Based Transcription:

1 2 3 dolbey