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Content filtering lets you block websites from being accessed by users on your network. Having a content filter policy has many benefits.  Some of the benefits are:


Increased Productivity - Monitoring the online activities of every network user in organizations can be very difficult. Content filters are

  used by organizations to block access to common time-wasters such as social networking websites, games, reading sports,

  entertainment news and file sharing.  


Network Protection - This allows you to control the websites your employees visit ensuring that you are not left vulnerable to viruses,

  spyware or any other malicious software to a network.


Prevention of Liability Issues - Schools and libraries are required to certify that they have their safety policies and technology in place

  before receiving any special funding.  By implementing content filtering, it puts your organization in legal compliance and helps to

  prevent the possibility of your organization being held liable for allowing illegal activity such as file sharing, inappropriate

  communication and employees going on social networking websites.


Reduction in Bandwidth – Most businesses pay a premium for a high-speed Internet connection with guaranteed bandwidth.  A

  Content Filter Policy can block streaming websites like You Tube and file sharing services. These types of activities are more likely to

  cause drain on your Internet connection than any allowable business application. After implementing a content filtering solution, you

  will see the amount of bandwidth actually available for legitimate use.



Spam Control

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Is your Data Protected?

Are you concerned about the security of your data?  DSSC wants to make sure your business is always protected. We have the resources and the DSSC solutions to implement and manage IT security services for you.


Below are DSSC Security Services:

  • Firewalls

Firewalls are your first line of protection to control what comes in and goes out on your network.   Anyone who connects to the Internet, as a single computer or whole network, should use a firewall.  DSSC will ensure you have the right firewall protection in place so that when suspicious or hostile activity is attempted, you will be protected. DSSC has the products that will strengthen this important gateway to your business.

  • Spam Control/Management

In many organizations, spam prevention and quarantine management can take up most of an administrator’s day.  Some organizations have a full-time employee dedicated to the management of spam-related tasks.


In organizations with little or no spam protection technologies, there are estimates that employees each spend as much as 45 minutes each day sorting the unwanted mail out of their mailboxes. One of the most popular topics at conferences, in Internet newsgroups, and on discussion boards is preventing spam.


Do you want to save your employees time and lost productivity? DSSC can protect you at all points of interaction:

• We can protect you at your desktops

• We can protect you at your network

• We can protect you at your outside ISP, and

• We can prevent unwanted spam from even coming into your inbox

  • Virus/Spyware Security Services

The Internet is not a secure place by any means. The most tech-savvy users have a relatively high likelihood of downloading some form of malware or becoming the victim of an identity-stealing scam just by going online occasionally. Once a virus has infected your computer, they can drastically slow down your processing speeds, delete your critical and important personal files and images, and in the worst case, cause irreparable physical damage to your computer. Viruses can cost you thousands in computer-replacement costs and cause you to lose very important documents.

Through our partnerships with leading vendors and manufacturers, we can offer you the best antivirus/spyware removal applications for your business.  Our goal is to protect, detect, and remove viruses/spyware from your computer systems.

  • Content Filtering

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